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Reference to 'we' or 'us' means Sterling Wills Ltd trading as Wills to die for® in relation to the provision of online wills and other legal documents.

Reference to 'you' means the person or persons making use of this website, which may be for the sole purpose of obtaining wills or other legal documents, whether in their own name or on behalf of another or others at the request of, and with the legal authority of, such person or persons.

All prices stated on our website include VAT.

Any disclaimers herein contained do not affect your statutory rights.

1. Use of our services is conditional upon your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. To be eligible to make use of our services, you must be:

1.i over the age of 18;
1.ii of sound mind;
1.iii acting in good faith, whether on your own behalf or on behalf of another person or persons who have given you the authority so to act and whose best interests you represent;
1.iv providing information which you know to be true and accurate and not intended to mislead or misrepresent or deceive.

We accept no responsibility for the consequences of any breach of these conditions.

2. The purpose of this website is to provide you with the means of producing legal documents such as wills, lasting power of attorney and living wills (advance decisions) based on the personal information you supply. We do not give legal, financial or tax advice, but merely provide information and explanations which enable you to make decisions that are relevant to your own circumstances and requirements. You should always seek professional advice for the purposes of clarification or resolution of any doubt or uncertainty that may arise from the process of the preparation of legal documents.

3. The documents and services referred to and provided on this website are subject to the law of England and Wales and should not be considered as suitable for use under any other jurisdiction. We will make every effort to ensure that all information and legal documentation provided on this website complies with current regulation and usage but we cannot guarantee that necessary changes to our website will be effected within a specified timeframe.

4. Our service in respect of wills allows for the will to be checked by us for accuracy based on your responses to the questionnaire. Mistakes of a minor nature may be corrected by us free of charge, but any serious errors which are due to your negligence or change of mind may result in a further charge being applied for correction of the will. After checking, the will is printed and bound by us and sent back to you with clear instructions for signing and witnessing. You may choose to keep the will at home or in some other storage facility of your choice, or alternatively you wish to make use of our secure storage facility.

5. Our service in respect of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) provides you with information enabling you to complete a questionnaire from which we will draw up the LPA documents, whether for Property & Financial Affairs or Health & Welfare or both. We shall send the documents to you with instructions for signing by the donor and the attorney(s) and the replacement attorney(s) (if relevant) and the certificate provider and the witnesses, and we enclose a stamped addressed envelope for you to send the signed forms back to us. We shall check that the signing and dating has been completed correctly and then post the forms to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) for registration. The OPG will then phone you to collect the registration fee by debit or credit card and once the registration has been completed they will return the documents to you. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect information provided by you, whether in respect of names, addresses, dates of birth or any other information which may adversely affect your application.

6. Our service in respect of secure storage is restricted to wills and to no other documents. There is an annual charge of £10.00 for storage of a single will and £18.00 for storage of a pair of wills, payable by standing order. The charge for retrieval or withdrawal, whether for a single will or a pair of wills, is £10.00. Documents will only be returned to the testator (the person who has made the will) or, after the death of the testator, to an executor of the will on sight of a death certificate and proof of identity. All documents are sent by recorded delivery.

Wills are stored in the secure vaults of a firm of solicitors. All correspondence and requests for withdrawal or retrieval must be addressed to Wills to die for® in the first instance.

It is your responsibility to notify us of any change in your contact details, including address, email address and telephone numbers.

We accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of documents in the post; in such cases, you acknowledge that you must address any appropriate claim to Royal Mail or the relevant postal carrier.

7. Use of our website is restricted to the production of legal documents following completion of our questionnaires and observance of the accompanying guidance and information. The content of the website is protected by copyright and registered trademarks and may not be reproduced without our written permission.

8. Refund Policy: In the event that a product or service offered on our website proves to be faulty due to our negligence, we shall refund in full any fees paid for such products or services. Refunds will not apply where a fault results from a client's negligent or incorrect response to a questionnaire or where relevant information on our website has been ignored.

9. Complaints procedure: any complaint concerning the services offered on our website should be addressed to: The General Manager, Wills to die for, PO Box 4544, LU6 9RL.

We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wait to receive my will?

We’ll post it to you (1st class post) within 3 working days. Of course, there are websites which let you print it off yourself so you get it immediately, but that means it probably hasn’t been checked.

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How do I know my will is legal?

We have been drafting wills since 2005 and we have many thousands of clients. We are members of the Society of Will Writers and we comply fully with their rigorous Code of Practice...

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